Morning Docket: 03.07.23

Morning Docket: 03.07.23
Morning Docket
Mar 2023

Morning Docket: 03.07.23
* Baylor Law School out of compliance with ABA standards. [KWTX]

* But the good news is that some other schools are back in compliance! [ABA Journal]

* O'Melveney explains how expansion pushed them into a billion-dollar firm this year. We've said this before, but as we wait for the Am Law 200, make note of these stories because it's "the notes they're not playing" -- every peer firm that's not rushing to tell their story to the American Lawyer right now is probably sitting on some iffy numbers. [Law.com]

* Police charging attorney observer from the SPLC with "domestic terrorism" for monitoring Cop City protests. Branding legal counsel as "domestic terrorism" might seem like a prelude to fascism, but we've all been assured that the REAL fascism is Yale students not inviting kids they don't like to parties. So we're all fine. [AL.com]

* The EU is coming for Asiago. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Supreme Court throws head in sand and refuses to consider that FedEx might have a workforce that crosses state borders... as a delivery company. [Reuters]